Spend a tranquil day while cruising around Samui’s Southern Islands exploring Koh Rap, Samui’s Five-Islands, Koh Taen, or Ko Mat Sum secluded beaches and coral reefs. These islands invite you to enjoy their serenity, clean beaches, and clear calm waters.


Location: Koh Rap Ko Mat Sum - Pig-Island, Samui’s Five Islands. Koh Rap is a newly opened island that is that offers a tranquil beach, diving, and the opportunity to meet Pigs who make the island their home. Koh Taen, the centerpiece of Samui’s Southern Islands is a natural paradise, located off the south-western coast of Koh Samui offers year-round snorkeling sites. At Koh Taen’s smaller sister island, Ko Mat Sum, you can spot the local pigs, relax, sunbathe, or take a stroll along the beach.

Island Hopping at Samui’s Southern Islands

Cruising along the Koh Samui archipelago is surely one of the greatest ways to discover Samui’s nearby islands, with their original charm, white-sandy beaches fringed with coconut palms, and lush vegetation stretching over limestone hills.

Hop aboard our luxury yacht at Samui`s inner river jetty and meet your friendly crew for the day. After a brief description about the yacht’s facilities, safety procedures and what awaits you, take a moment to explore the yacht while familiarize yourself with one of the many sunny or shaded areas on our decks. Begin your journey just southwest of Koh Samui toward the Five Islands.

Bird Nests - Five Islands

Discover some of Samui’s secrets that have remained hidden for generations. The Five Islands hold a mysterious and rarely seen phenomenon: the harvesting of bird nests, or as the locals call it, “White Gold”. On your voyage, you will also see caves, beaches, and bamboo dwellings precariously hanging off of limestone cliffs.

Natural Beauty of the Southern Islands of Samui

Go Snorkeling: After a leisurely cruise along Koh Samui’s undeveloped coastline you will arrive at Koh Tean, a true natural paradise. You’ll be able to take pleasure in the colorful tropical reef, guided by our professional snorkeler leader, or you might want to simply relax on board our floating lounge above the reef or just chill in the onboard jacuzzi or on the sun deck.
The underwater life at Koh Taen is as abundant as at Koh Tao but visibility can vary from 1 to 10 meters but unlike Koh Tao the snorkeling sites are not very busy.

Lunch & Voyage: Indulge in a freshly prepared Thai-fusion cuisine, prepared from scratch by our chefs, while our journey takes us towards Koh Rap a newly opened Island.

Visit Koh Rap: Transfer aboard our dinghy or kayak to this stunning island where you can feed the resident pigs, relax on the secluded beach or hammock, have a drink at the bar all set in a perfect tropical ambiance.

Sail to Koh Samui

As all great things must eventually come to an end, journey back to Koh Samui, leaving these tranquil islands as if they were never discovered. On the way home, we will cruise around the coastline of the islands where the views are truly spectacular. Enjoy some cold deserts and sip on a hand-crafted beverage as you simply take in the sights and relax after your amazing day.


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