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Christine 52ft Sailing Yacht - Sit back and watch the world go by...

Snorkeling and Kayaking tour to Ang Thong Marine National Park

When it comes to sailing, nothing can beat the freedom and sense of adventure of a private yacht
Sailing with the Christine 52ft along the Koh Samui archipelago is surely one of the greatest ways to discover more than 60 islands with beautiful, white-sand beaches, fringed with coconut palms and lush vegetation stretching over limestone hills.

We offer fine skippered sailing boat charters aboard the sailing yacht "Christina 2 52ft" that do not required you to have any experience in sailing. If you are experienced in sailing you are welcome to assist our skipper. During our sailing holidays you will visit remote beaches and enjoy the warm tropical waters off your own private yacht. Amongst many other things, you will have the opportunity to snorkel on stunning reefs full with colorful fish, explore remote beaches, find hidden caves, swim in the natural pools of remote waterfalls and enjoy the wonderful food and hospitality.

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